Details of recent testimonials from LinkedIn. For more testimonials of recent work get in touch:-

“Gavin’s knowledge of social media and its potential impact on businesses is impressive. Combined with his determination to succeed – he is getting great results. I look forward to seeing what the next year holds for him.” Richard Allan, Managing Director, Turtle

“His website http://wardblawg.com/ is my go-to for informative and interesting blawgs and although focussed on Scottish Law, is still highly relevant to those practising in England.” Victoria Moffatt, Employment Solicitor, Levi LLP

“Gavin was and remains very much ahead of the game when it comes to engaging the legal profession with each other and their clients and the content he produces is excellent.” Steve Kuncewicz, Solicitor, Intellectual Property & Media, HBJ Gateley Wareing

“Gavin is a great help with legal related things and website matters. I look forward to working with him in the future” Steven Mather, Director, BuY iPad cases

“Working as a key part of the launch campaign for LawCloud, the implementation and development of  a social media strategy has done a great job of boosting LawCloud’s online presence and has allowed us to make connections with parts of the legal market in the UK which would otherwise not have been possible through the more traditional forms of marketing.  It has proved to be a useful complement to the LawCloud website, email distribution list and events, such as the launch event at Microsoft’s offices in Edinburgh. We have been told we are now leading the way for cloud computing for law firms in Scotland and continue to make useful connections and develop business in England.” Warren Wander, Managing Director, LawCloud Limited

“I’m delighted to recommend Gavin, an assiduous user of social media with whom it is always a pleasure to deal.” Michael Scutt, Partner, Dale Langley & Co

“I am sure Wardblawg is the start of a great media empire in legal publishing. Good to be in at the start.” Jane Lambert, Head of Chambers, NIPC


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