Top 10 Twitter Tips for Law Firms

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Below are some of the top 10 twitter tips for law firms and solicitors looking to get the most from twitter.

Twitter Marmite

Twitter Marmite

For a comprehensive list of the top 50 reasons why law firms and lawyers should be on twitter, see my good friend Michelle Hynes-McIlroy’s blawg. For more detailed tips, of which there are many, I would strongly encourage you to look at Brian Inkster’s The Time Blawg’s post on the Law Firm Twitteratigate and comments therein.

But, for the firms and lawyers starting out or looking to improve their social media presence and capabilities to expand their professional network and develop more business, these should be an ideal starting point which should hopefully foster a love-love relationship with the social media world:-

1. Create at least two twitter accounts, one with firm’s name and one with targeted keywords and/or under your own name as a lawyer #twittertip

2. Edit settings to include a branded logo and background #twittertip

3. Follow and follow-back relevant twitter accounts, perhaps assisted by #twittertip

4. Contribute more than you promote yourself or your firm #twittertip

5. Create lists on twitter accounts using targeted keywords as headings #twittertip

6. Engage with your connections by monitoring your lists or saved searches for relevant keywords #twittertip

7. Embed your firm’s main twitter feed onto your firm’s website #twittertip

8. Use the #ff hashtag on Fridays to recommend your favourite people on twitter #twittertip

9. Follow people who have been recommended by your connections #twittertip

10. Last, but certainly not least, connect as much as possible by commenting and retweeting but don’t just rely on an RSS feed from your firm’s website and don’t spam eg via mentions or DMs #twittertip

Twitter Marmite image courtesy of a great twitter blog post from LandingNet. Comments welcome below.

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