How social media is transforming business and life

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Social Media Statistics

To what extent is social media dominating the Internet and changing the face of business? Watch this video to discover out the figures:-

WardblawG Twitter Accounts to Follow

WardblawG Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter and the Law – Legal Issues For Twitter Video Marketing

Considering using Twitter for your law firm? What are the legal issues? interview a US IP attorney, Evan Brown for some general advice, including the answer to this fundamental question:-

03:27 I’d like to ask you, as an internet lawyer, what would you consider to be the most important legal issues today with using twitter for business purposes?

Evan 03:58 The same issues that you would have with anybody using twitter…It’s very easy to put up content on twitter; there’s very little preparation that needs to go into what you’re going to say. So, I think the over-arching issue for companies, is to remember how using twitter can affect the brand. That’s kind of a general notion that we can certainly unpack and break that down a little bit. But not only does a company need to be aware of what a company is saying about it’s own brand, it’s own goods, or services, or products, or what have you, to people in the marketplace, who may follow that company on twitter; but it also needs to be careful, the company needs to be careful about what it’s saying about other companies, other participants in the marketplace. So, you know, in this whole mixture of things that could possibly go wrong from a legal standpoint, I would say protecting the brand is probably the biggest single legal issue that could arise from twitter.

To summarise, protect your brand but don’t defame anyone or pass yourself off as another business. More discussion in the video here:-

Twitter and the Law – Developing Legal Business Through Twitter

How should your law firm be utilising Twitter? Explanations from Michelle Hynes-McIlroy aka LegalEagleMHM as interviewed by Stephen Moore of Moore Legal Technology and CaseCheck. See especially from 6:50 onwards. Michelle notes that she has adapted her use of Twitter over the course of 2010, so follow @LegalEagleMHM for an update in due course.

For further updates on social media use with particular focus on the legal profession and developing business for law firms, see the following links:-

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